In the Mercado with Chef Rodolfo Castellanos

In 2010, I met Rodolfo Castellanos in a food festival in San Francisco called Gourmex where chefs from Mexico where invited along with local Chefs from the Bay Area.

I hosted a dinner at my restaurant in Tamarindo Antojeria Mexicana and got know Rodolfo. We stayed in contact and corresponded throughout the years and became good friends.

As soon as I found out he gave cooking classes in his Restaurant, Origen, I arranged a cooking session with him in November. We also attended his Saber del Sabor dinner he hosted and he joined us in the inauguration dinner for the festival.


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A Photoshoot with Norma Cordova

I recently had a photoshoot for my new website with the very talented Norma Cordova.  She wrote a wonderful blog post with the pictures, as well- so of course I’m excited to share it with everyone!


On returning to the Bay Area from Paris a couple of weeks ago, an assignment to photograph the lovely and talented chef  Gloria Dominguez, owner of Tamarindo Antojeria Mexicana, was waiting for me.

The plan was to photograph Gloria on her daily routine. I followed her to the farmer’s market in Oakland’s Jack London Square, took a coffee break with her at  Blue Bottle Coffee, then helped myself to some white roses that later inspired one of Gloria’s portraits.

To read the full blog & check out Norma’s work, click here.

Hair & Makeup by: Nikol Elaine