In the Mercado with Chef Rodolfo Castellanos

In 2010, I met Rodolfo Castellanos in a food festival in San Francisco called Gourmex where chefs from Mexico where invited along with local Chefs from the Bay Area.

I hosted a dinner at my restaurant in Tamarindo Antojeria Mexicana and got know Rodolfo. We stayed in contact and corresponded throughout the years and became good friends.

As soon as I found out he gave cooking classes in his Restaurant, Origen, I arranged a cooking session with him in November. We also attended his Saber del Sabor dinner he hosted and he joined us in the inauguration dinner for the festival.


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Cooking with Abigail Mendoza

09112013IMG_327509112013IMG_335809112013IMG_336109112013IMG_338309112013IMG_342709112013IMG_350309112013IMG_3513I’m finally sharing some of my culinary travel photos.  Yearly, I travel to o“El Saber Del Sabor” I had the opportunity to cook with the amazing traditional cocinera Abigail Mendoza in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca.

I was determined to set aside a day to cook with Abigail. My talented chef friend Tanya Orozco was lovely enough to arrange a private cooking session with her in her beautiful restaurant Tlamanalli. We prepared a beautiful pre-hispanic Sopa De Flor De Calabaza con Chepil. This was a magical culinary experience and on your next to visit to Oaxaca you must visit her restaurant !


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