Regreso a sus raíces y cocina mexicana al otro lado.

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In the Mercado with Chef Rodolfo Castellanos

In 2010, I met Rodolfo Castellanos in a food festival in San Francisco called Gourmex where chefs from Mexico where invited along with local Chefs from the Bay Area.

I hosted a dinner at my restaurant in Tamarindo Antojeria Mexicana and got know Rodolfo. We stayed in contact and corresponded throughout the years and became good friends.

As soon as I found out he gave cooking classes in his Restaurant, Origen, I arranged a cooking session with him in November. We also attended his Saber del Sabor dinner he hosted and he joined us in the inauguration dinner for the festival.


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Cooking with Abigail Mendoza

09112013IMG_327509112013IMG_335809112013IMG_336109112013IMG_338309112013IMG_342709112013IMG_350309112013IMG_3513I’m finally sharing some of my culinary travel photos.  Yearly, I travel to o“El Saber Del Sabor” I had the opportunity to cook with the amazing traditional cocinera Abigail Mendoza in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca.

I was determined to set aside a day to cook with Abigail. My talented chef friend Tanya Orozco was lovely enough to arrange a private cooking session with her in her beautiful restaurant Tlamanalli. We prepared a beautiful pre-hispanic Sopa De Flor De Calabaza con Chepil. This was a magical culinary experience and on your next to visit to Oaxaca you must visit her restaurant !


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Oaxaca Festival Saber del Sabor 2014

Finally ! sharing my last pics of Beautiful Oaxaca, this captures are going to transport you to the pre-Hispanic roots from the dish Caldo de Piedra that I discovered in 2006. From the Mercados The Arbol Tule to the Diversity of the many ethnic groups. Photos of the Inauguration of the Festival of El Saber del Sabor where all regions share their dish of different Moles and Mexican Chefs get together to cook with the local ingredients.