Chef Liz Galicia | http://gloriadominguez.com/
Chef Liz Galicia & Gloria  | http://gloriadominguez.com/

I immigrated at a young age from Jalisco , Mexico the state of Tequila and Mariachi.  As the eldest of four and first granddaughter, I have precious memories of my grandparents ranch. We would milk cows in the morning and pick guava trees in the afternoon, many aromas I’ll never forget.  The kitchen was my favorite place, there I learned the traditions of my grandmother.

I have been in the industry now over 25 years and in those years of success I’ve taken  the opportunity to return to my roots and travel all through Mexico.  One of my favorite states is Oaxaca, this is where my interest in Mexican gastronomy blossomed.
I have taken seminars with Oaxacan chefs and also had the pleasure and honor to cook with the locals.  The Yucatan Peninsula  and of course Mexico City also influenced me in the opening of Tamarindo.  With the help of my son who designed and built the restaurant, we were able to make a warm and inviting place to enjoy our favorites dishes.
Now we have a casual eatery “ La Calle” focusing on street food like tacos, tortas, gorditas and fresh aguas frescas.  Offering fresh ingredients in a fast paced atmosphere, like you would see on the street corners of Mexico.

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